HP GC/MS 5890 Series II
HPLC Lachrom
HPLC Shimadzu
MPLC Büchi
BMG Novostar
Centrifuge Avanti J-20 XP
Barkey Vapotherm


Hewlett-Packard GC/MS Model 5890 Series II (year of construction 1991)
with MSD 5971 (Quadrupole) and autosampler 7673


Lachrom (Merck-Hitachi) (year of constr. 1995/pP 2001) with analytical and
preparative pump (L-7100/L-7150) and UV-detector L-7406


Shimadzu (year of construction 2005) with 2 analytical pumps LC-10AD,
PDA detector SPD-M10A VP, column oven CTO-10AS VP,
autosampler SIL-HT, fraction collector FRC-10A Ver. 3, LC Solutions software


Büchi MPLC (flash chromatography, year of construction 2005) with pump module C-601,
UV detector C-630, fraction collector C-660, Büchi Sepacore Record software
and cartridger C-670

Plate reader

BMG Labtech Novostar (year of construction 2006)


Beckman Coulter (year of construction 2005), model Avanti J-20 XP
(RCF max. 80.000 g), rotors JA 25.50 (8x50 mL),
JLA 16.250 (6x250 mL) and JLA 9.1000 (4x1 L)

Sample preparation system

Barkey Vapotherm (year of construction 2005)